As someone who profoundly believes in the power of diversity and openness, it is the bigotry of Brexit that has shaken me to my core. I fear this desperate need to ‘take back our borders’ will only fuel pernicious alt-right and populist movements, allowing hate-speech, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and racism to rear their ugly heads. But despite the propaganda the tabloids hungrily feed us, immigration is good for our economy – and hard-core data proves it. Between 2000 and 2011, European migrants made a positive net contribution of £20 billion. If we cut ties with the EU, we will have to say goodbye to the many doctors, nurses and social workers who go above and beyond to prop up our public health services. I want to live in a Britain that celebrates and respects diversity – not demonises it. And I think a second referendum is the only way to stop this frankly bleak vision of our country from taking root.

Seb St John