The idea of trying to separate ourselves from the rest of Europe seems absolute madness to me when there are so many connections, on so many levels, between us. Easy access to the rest of the EU has become second nature and I fear it is only when it is gone that we will realise how much we have lost. My eldest daughter is an Erasmus student in Austria, my brother wants to retire to France, my oldest friend lives in Cyprus where he works for a French company, my best man, a Scot, lives in Berlin, married to a French woman with children at university in Denmark and the UK. My daughters were all teenagers when the referendum happened but not old enough to have the vote. They were devastated by the result and saw it as a betrayal of the values and aspirations of their generation. Luckily their mother is from Dublin and they all have Irish passports. They will be able to continue enjoying the benefits of EU membership; their friends won’t.

Ruth St John