I voted in 1975 to remain in the then Common Market largely because I hoped it would become a more integrated body that would give Europe and the UK greater security in the world.  The closer partnership of the EU has indeed protected us for decades, and in a now less certain world we need that protection more than ever.  Increasingly I have come to consider myself as being European just as much as I am British, and I am very upset that my European citizenship is now being snatched from me against my will.  I don’t want to suddenly become a foreigner in a place I thought of as my wider home.  On top of that there are the very strong economic arguments for remaining in the EU.  People were untruthfully promised a Brexit dividend, when in fact the Government’s own research shows that, whatever Brexit we have, the effect on our economy and jobs will be somewhere on a scale between very damaging and devastating.  It is therefore essential that people are given another chance to decide in a People’s Vote.

Ruth St John