Being European helps me see the bigger picture, I identify with an entity that counts on the World’s scene. For example:

- With freedom of movement, anyone can study, work, retire and enjoy life in another part of Europe, not dissimilar to moving from a region to another.  I will be saddened if British nationals lose this freedom.

- European solidarity means countries cooperate and support each other. Through common agreed rules that promote development of wealth as a whole, Europe brings me protection, (for example in in the workplace). 

- By living in another European country and meeting a neighbouring culture I have a broader understanding of life and of my native culture too.

- Unfortunately I did not have the right to vote for the referendum despite having made my home in the UK and actively contributing to society for more than 20 years. But as a European I have the right to elect directly my representative, I have a voice to make the improvements that all recognise Europe needs to make.

Ruth St John