The last couple of years have made me realise how much I feel connected to being part of Europe. This embarrassing and difficult break that is Brexit has just reinforced to me that I feel just as much a part of Europe as I do the United Kingdom or Ireland for that matter.  

Being born in Dublin, becoming a British Citizen as child when my family moved back to England, travelling in Europe on School trips and Holidays, doing my degree on 20th Century History (mainly covering events in Europe unsurprisingly) and finally working in Europe for many jobs. I have always been somewhat connected to Europe and not just for my summer holidays ☺

We all know that the EU is not perfect, but the best way to improve it and make the right changes is to do it from the inside, not shouting from the side-lines. I fear that we will all live to regret this decision and that children of this country will end up suffering more than the rest of us for the removal of the freedoms and benefits we have taken for granted for so many decades. 

Hopefully sense will prevail before it’s too late and we can stop this madness or at least come up with the least terrible solution to exit the EU. Whatever happens I will always be happy to call myself European and be proud of it!

Ruth St John