As a recent graduate, I have read many academic reports detailing the financial incentives for staying in the EU. However, for me, being a member of the European Union is more than this.

I feel proud to be European because of the flexibility of free movement which has enabled me to create great connections with people across Europe.

I feel proud to be European for the wealth of cultural trips, educational courses and language exchanges which have been offered to me as a result of these connections.

I feel proud to be European for the legal and humanitarian laws established for my protection, given to me as a right and privilege for being an EU citizen.

I feel proud to be European for the environmental benefits that are grounded in the indispensable aim of protecting our planet.

I feel proud to be European due to our shared connections and communication with other EU states which establishes stability and security.

Precariously, I would love to be able to say I felt proud to be ‘British’, but given the results of the referendum, any hope of being proud to be British can’t even be solved with a ‘good ol’ cuppa tea’.

Ruth St John