Those close to me know that my greatest passion is wildlife conservation. It’s in my DNA. I

learnt never to take things for granted, witnessing the bluebell woods and meadows where I

lived, scrubbed to make way for the M11.

Likewise, we should never assume that our environmental laws (and a staggering 80% of

them originate from the EU), will remain intact. It’s largely thanks to the European Union

(EU) and their intervention, that our beaches and rivers are so clean.

I worry that post Brexit, these laws will be watered down and there’ll be no-one to ‘sense-

check’ or enforce them. Call me a cynic, but proposals for a green ‘watch dog’ will be

toothless unless it’s given legal punch to intervene and hold companies to account on laws

that protect our beaches, habitats and air quality.

The EU may not be perfect but working with 28 other countries allows us to share

experience and knowledge and hopefully means greater protection for birds, animals and

their habitats.

Brexit could threaten everything ☹

Seb St John