Britain is great: over many years it has built a quality reputation for fairness, leadership and inspiration in all fields. Be it In politics, commerce, the arts, science, innovation, or countless other spheres, the UK can be seen leading and setting the standards for the world to follow. As a long haul pilot, I get to meet many people from all walks of life and all corners of the world who admire and appreciate this role that the UK plays.

Our influence is much greater than our small geographical size or population should dictate: we fight at well above our weight. We are able to do this by standing at the centre of many organisations, proudly ensuring that decisions are made for the greater good of people both in the UK and around the world. NATO, the Commonwealth, and especially the EU all benefit from our membership just as we benefit hugely from being a central member. Leaving the EU would leave us poorer, not only financially, but morally, and in terms of who we are as a leading country with global presence.

Seb St John