It’s early April 2019 and as a keen cyclist I was eager to escape the cold weather and the Brexit bubble to enjoy a weeks cycling in Mallorca with a UK based cycling company. It struck immediately how such a trip would change after Brexit. On arrival you sail through the e-passport gates, most of the staff who work for the company are UK based and can work throughout Europe without the need for work or driving permits, for a variety of different countries. At our safety briefing we were told the importance of taking your EHIC card with you, if you have an accident you’ll be taken it to a public hospital at no cost, rather than have to pay upfront for an expensive private hospital and hope that the insurance company will pay out. We all benefit from free phone roaming charges, essential if you were to get lost somewhere, or simply for contacting people while on the move. All these privileges will probably disappear, with the end of freedom of movement – what sensible government is proud of ending freedoms for its citizens?

I hope we will continue to enjoy hassle free travel to Europe without the extra costs and bureaucrats that leaving the EU will inevitably entail.

Ruth St John