I have lived in the UK for over 20 years, I am a full time primary school teacher with QTS obtained in the UK. Not one of my European friends are out of work nor claiming benefits, and majority are highly skilled workers, who are often working in jobs that English people are simply not willing, or are able to do.

Since the referendum it has been clear that among some people in this country, we are considered as second class citizens, and it has since resulted in many of my friends moving back or planning to return to their own countries, after leaving in the UK for a large number of years..

In my opinion the truth is simple, the European Union and freedom of movement for European workers is really important. UK needs support in both public and private businesses, many of which heavily rely on what skills we bring, without us, social services, healthcare, construction, recruitment and many more will be damaged. The same with farms, bakeries etc. as those will not have the workers (skilled or unskilled) and a number of your manufacturing companies will simply lack the skilled staff they need.

On the top of that, the referendum has made the pound fall in value,  living accommodation is expensive, groceries and general life here are not the cheapest too, and adding on to that we are being made feel unwelcome when we get here, sadly still often treated as cheap labour. Large proportion of people seeking employment abroad  are now going to places like Germany and Scandinavia, where the standard of living is currently better and a distance to their home countries is shorter.

Brexit was a mistake, and many of your politicians are too stuck in their own dogma to admit this, the only solution is a people's vote.

Seb St John