My name is Thomas Ellis and I am 12 (almost 13) . I am half Polish and I would like to remain in the EU . As I am not politically experienced, I don't really know many consequences there will be with Brexit, but I do watch the news and it seems to me nobody does. There are some things I know, for example it will be harder for me to see my grandma in Poland with flights costing more, and it will be a problem because that means we might not be able to fly as often. As well as, when I recently flew to Poland we had security officers asking me for Polish ID which I don't have, as I was born in the UK.

It seems like everybody is confused.

Brexit has had a major effect on some of my mum’s friends they don't feel welcome in England and have left their jobs and moved back to their countries. I am worried as well as to what my Polish grandparents have to do to be able to visit us. The whole process is very confusing for everybody. I think young people should be allowed to vote as this is our future.

Seb St John