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Who should represent Britain in Europe?

  • Van Emden Theatre Edith Morley Building (Entrance 1) Whiteknights Campus, Reading University, Reading, RG6 6BL (map)

Berkshire for Europe have invited a panel of candidates for the South-East to discuss the European Parliament election and why it should matter to you and your family. 

  • Richard Ashworth MEP & candidate for the South-East ChangeUK @RichardAshMEP ‏

  • Catherine Bearder MEP & candidate for the South-East Liberal Democrats @catherinemep

  • John Howarth MEP & candidate for the South-East Labour @JohnHowarth1958

  • Elise Benjamin Candidate for the South-East Green Party @EliseDB ‏

Tickets are free, register here and for your safety, they will be checking tickets on the door and entry is strictly with ticket only.

On 23 May, people in the UK have the chance to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. If the UK stays – as is increasingly the majority view – those elected will represent us fo the next 5 years until 2024. This is our chance to keep our voice at the heart of Europe. Let’s make sure we get strong, proactive, decent MEPs who will serve our interests well.

In the past European elections have been largely ignored in the UK. Only 35 per cent of voters turned out in 2014. This election is about us having our say as to who gets in. It’s important that you vote, and that you can make an informed choice.

In the South-East we will be electing 10 MEPs. In total, Britain has 73. So the South-East gets 14% of all the MEPs for the UK. Votes are allocated on a proportional basis, determined on the percentage of the total votes, so even the smaller parties can win a seat and represent your views in Europe. What we decide here will really matter!

The European Parliament works on so many things that matter to all of us. Like food safety, the environment, data privacy, broadband services, toy safety, car emissions, public health standards, medicines. The European Parliament is going to be working on these issues whether or not Britain is a member. British MEPs can make a powerful difference, scrutinising the new laws, ensuring that they are right for us.

Britain is definitely in the EU until October. We hope to stay in for the long term. This is your opportunity to ask our candidates how they will work constructively with Europe, to build laws that generate prosperity, keep us healthy, and safe!

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