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The Great Get Together - Calverley Gardens

  • Calverley Park Tunbridge Wells TN1 2SH (map)

Tunbridge Wells Friends of the Earth are hosting a Great Get Together event in Calverley Grounds.

You may have perhaps heard of this national initiative, which is held in honour of MP Jo Cox, who was sadly murdered in 2016. She was a great advocate of bringing together groups of people so that they could see how much they really have in common. You can find more information on TGGT website here.

The idea is to gather together for a ‘plastic-free picnic’ (that is the bit which is part of our anti single-use plastics campaign) and have some activities (e.g. children’s games, a Tai Chi session), acoustic music—depending really on what people would like to do whilst enjoying time in the park and meeting new people.

They are suggesting that if there is anybody you haven’t seen for a while and would like to get in touch with again or someone to get to know better (e.g. a neighbour you say hello to but never actually had a proper conversation with) you might like to invite them along to the ‘Tunbridge Wells Great Get Together’.