Letters - People's Vote

No matter if you attended the People’s Vote march, or couldn’t make it, it is important that its huge success is now backed up with further pressure on our MPs.

TW-IN have held a couple of letter writing events to help this effort. For those unable to attend this post contains a few suggestions to help anyone who wants to, but would like some guidance.

Firstly. It’s better to hand write your letter, as this ensure a different process has to occur at the parliamentary office of the MP you have written too. If you handwrite, or not, you must include your name and postal address, which has to be within the constituency of the MP you are writing too. (Otherwise this will have been a waste of your time…)

If you don’t have the time to handwrite a letter - please don’t stop reading. Please follow the link here, where you will be able to email a pre-prepared letter to your MP. If your unsure who you need to write to, this website will also let you know once you have entered your postcode.

Want to hand write a letter? Write from the heart but link it to something you feel passionately about. Please see a letter written by follower Stephen Day, who links his letter to the young of the UK who had no say in a decision that will have a huge impact on their adult lives.

Dear MP,

BREXIT - People's Vote

Since the referendum, some 2 million young people will have reached voting age by March 2019.

Young people are of course most affected by Brexit. They have 70 or so years to live with the consequences, yet had no say in the decision.

If Brexit is to be the will of the people rather than of "senior citizens" like me, then young people should have their FIRST referendum.

Give young people a say in their future

Yours sincerely



To help personalise your letter to a cause close to your own heart, the ‘Our stories’ section of our website offers a variety of perspectives that people from Tunbridge Wells have about their EU citizenship. There are over 50 differing points of view here - many of which will touch a nerve with you. These pages are ideal if you intend to write more than one letter. It’s best to avoid writing all of your thoughts in just one - create work for your MP’s parliamentary office by putting your thoughts in 1, 2 or even more letters; Just make sure that you stagger the sending of these.

Another rich area for letter writing is the NHS. MP’s are acutely aware that the vast majority of British people support the continuation of the NHS. Ensuring that they understand constituents do not believe the idea of a Brexit dividend and actually realise that staffing is going to be hugely impacted by Brexit is incredibly important. Have a watch of two of our videos below, filmed with EU nationals, and consider including some quotes raising NHS/Medical Science issues.

Feel free to use these ideas for your letters, but make sure that the final paragraph of your letter draws the MP back to the issue in hand: They must support a People’s Vote on the Final Deal.

Seb St John