People's Vote Rally

Prepared by Andy

On Tuesday evening I joined a group of TWIN supporters at the People’s Vote rally in Central Hall off Parliament Square. As we were queuing to get in, we heard that the government had finally put together a Brexit deal which had received approval from the European Commission.  We also heard that the Prime Minister would be meeting Cabinet Members individually to discuss the detail of the deal and to measure support. This would include a meeting with Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and MP for Tunbridge Wells.

Although notice of the event had only been given three days earlier, tickets for the event had sold out and the hall was packed with almost 3,000 people. We made several new friends from other areas who joined us to hear from a range of cross-party MPs - which included Anna Turley, Justine Greening, Caroline Lucas, Jo Johnson, Dominic Grieve, and David Lammy. We also heard from Sarah McCluney (an apprentice from Northern Ireland), Gary Lineker and Andy Parsons, who acted as compere. The speakers responded to the implications of the proposed Brexit deal - a second best deal that would please no one and do virtually nothing to bring the country back together. Accepting a bad Brexit deal would also undermine the credibility of the UK across the world.

The message from the rally was clear - no one had voted for a dodgy Brexit deal which gave away £50 billion getting nothing in return, while also giving away control and leaving people poorer. The MPs would not be blackmailed into accepting the deal that was on offer. The gap between the Brexit pledges and the reality of the deal is now so big, it is imperative that the government goes back to the people to confirm that they want to leave the EU on the terms the politicians have agreed. The MP’s supported a People’s Vote that would take the decision away from stalemated politicians, and from backroom deals which had no place in our democracy.  The task was to ensure that everyone has the right to have their say on the next stage of the UK’s future, to bring the country back together and address the challenges that will still exist after Brexit.  Politicians that sought to divide our country were no longer acceptable and should be cast out. 

As we headed home, supporters from Sevenoaks joined us on the train. Inspired by the speakers, we decided to focus our attention on the Conservative MPs in the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells constituencies. We agreed to organise a group joint letter writing party in Tonbridge the following week - please see details here.

Feeling inspired? - why not grab your laptop and send an email to your MP. Please see link to the People’s Vote Campaign.

Seb St John