The Last Mile - am session

Prepared by Andy

Today's event was a big success - with some brilliant speeches from our European friends. Sadly, some made me feel embarrassed to be British - though they have made me determined to fight even harder to stop Brexit.

Elke was a big attraction, and received a lot of attention from film crews - and from Councillors from Hammersmith & Fulham, which was now supporting the People's Vote as a London Borough.  

The chain to Downing Street ran smoothly and was followed by a rally in Parliament Square with excellent speakers, including representatives from Voices From Europe; Hope Not Hate; the NHS; Unison; and In Limbo.

It was humbling stuff, some of the shared, key messages were (again) the sense of hurt and betrayal that was being felt, which was causing people to become unwell; frustration at not having a voice; distrust of the Government; fears for the future of children that had been born in the UK; and the devastating impact on the NHS. I left after the rally and speeches, but Elke had an entry ticket for the afternoon session in the House of Commons, and has offered to provide a few lines on how things went there…  

Ruth St John