Seb's Story

Hello - I'm Sebastian.

I've lived in Tunbridge Wells for many years after moving to the town from Salisbury in Wiltshire when I was 12 years old.

I quickly learnt something about Tunbridge Wells that resonated with me and still does today. That was that the town is an open and relatively tolerant place with an eclectic mix of residents. This is something that adds to the richness of the town and has grown since my arrival here in 1987. I'm proud of this and that the borough understood this by being the only constituency in Kent to vote remain at the Referendum.

I could write about the referendum in caustic terms. I could explain my disdain for people like Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Daniel Hannan and Aaron Banks at great length but I suspect I'd find much agreement about all of their characters and motivations - so I won't. I could mention the shambles of the terms of the referendum including the exclusion of many whose futures depended on the result but who were disenfranchised from the decision but again I suspect you would also understand this.

Instead I'd like to say what I'd like to see happen.

I'm happy with leaving the EU. As long as the departure delivers the promises of the Leave campaign. 

Here are some examples: 

"Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market." Daniel Hannan MEP.

"Within two years, before the negotiation with the EU is likely to be complete, and therefore before anything material has changed, we can negotiate a free trade area massively larger than the EU. Trade deals with the US and China alone will give us a trade area almost twice the size of the EU, and of course we will also be seeking deals with Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, the UAE, Indonesia – and many others." David Davis June 2016

"Securing a Post- Brexit trade deal would be the 'easiest in human history'." Liam Fox May 2016

There are more but I'm sure you understand my point. I haven't even bothered with the already rolled back promises regarding the NHS. Or as Nigel Farage has said about the £350 million pledge. "That was one of the mistakes made by the Leave campaign."

Therefore I suggest this sorry collection of individuals who unfortunately appear to want to diminish our standing in Europe need to get on and complete their negotiations. The public then should have the right to hold them to account against their promises and rhetoric with a final referendum on the deal. Will this deal stand up to scrutiny and deliver stability and economic opportunity for all in this country?

Of course not. Why do you think it's so opposed?

Join IN and help campaign/prepare for this event and celebrate the diversity of our town and it's continuing openness to all.