European Beach Party in Margate

Have you seen the infamous picture of Rob Yates home in Margate’s Arlington House?  If not, check out this recent news article.

Last weekend we drove over to Margate to support Rob and join other pro-Europeans in Kent for a beach party with a difference.  There was the usual sunshine, sand and stunning coastline but also in the spirit of the Russian World Cup and England's quarter final match against Sweden, there were football goalposts, European kites, face painting, ‘ask an academic stand’ and name the European flag.

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and inclusive and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  We shared drinks, snacks and our plans for the rest of the summer.

These social events are so important as they provide an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded friends in an informal, relaxed setting.  We have the time to listen to each other, provide support and encouragement and draw on our collective experiences.  When possible we should try to support, arrange and/or attend more of these social events.  It is these connections and shared passions which draw us closer and by working together we are so much more powerful, our voice so much louder and our influence so much greater....

And now for my usual side step into the community, local arts and wider culture....... we decided to make a day of it so hit the pillow early on Friday night so that we could be up early on Saturday morning to take the long, slow drive across the Kentish countryside.  Arriving just after 10am, we took the opportunity to visit the Turner Contemporary art gallery.  It has a warmer feel to the London galleries, friendly staff welcomed us as we entered the entrance hall and explained what was on show.  We were guided upstairs into the first room which was exhibiting work by various art students across Kent.  The standard of work was impressive and to our pleasure we found work completed by students from Hillview in Tonbridge!  

There were three more large rooms displaying a wide array of art, stretching different periods, styles and mediums.  The whole exhibition was centred on our relationship with animals.  I found it very thought provoking..... and perhaps one of the reasons why I choose to eat vegetarian for lunch!

Ruth St John