Brexitometer in T-Wells

A theme of Saturday's Brexitometer hosted by Sussex for Europe, and supported by various supporters of TW-IN was that Tunbridge Wells residents think the whole process is a joke and that unfortunately our Government is a bit of an embarrassment. 

The Brexitometer showed the lack of support in Tunbridge Wells for leaving the European Union, and also highlighted an interesting trend which we noticed in Tonbridge a few weeks ago. This was that a number of the leave voters (still convinced that Brexit will be good for the country), are also keen for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.

For many leavers accepting Brexit will not deliver the promises of the Referendum campaign is a difficult quandrum and the People's Vote gives us all an opportunity to back out of what we appreciate is going to be an incredibly painful Brexit for the UK.  We all are better informed and no-one should lose face.  We need to do what is best for the country.

Clearly there are people who, as Ian McEwan joked, are not yet remainers and, "hobbled by a fatal attraction to rational argument," however these were fairly rare and in the few cases we encountered pretty reasonable, open and engaging discussions.

All in all a lovely morning with great weather and a positive response. If you'd like to get involved please keep a space in your diary for the 25th August when TW-IN will again be campaigning in Tunbridge Wells but in a slightly different way. More details to follow.....

Ruth St John