BREXT! - the facts


The overwhelming perception of people at the Referendum was, and still is, that the politicians were “not giving us the true facts”.  So many voted without understanding the implications or as a protest.

Now six months before Brexit – it’s still “I don’t know, or no one told me”. Where we do know the facts, they are horrible and so are dismissed or ignored. So, the train hurtles towards the buffers because no one can agree otherwise.

If many of the Brexit statements are false, what is the truth?

·        We will negotiate better deals outside EU.

Unlikely. To give us preference would compromise most other countries existing or under negotiation deals with the EU. So, we are unlikely to get a “better deal” outside the EU than we have inside it already. Even to conclude an equivalent deal will take 5 – 8 years.

·        Everyone is queuing up to give us a great/better deal.

Even our friends NZ, Australia, Canada have made it clear. They actually can’t do that. Why would they give the UK a better deal than they have with a 350m trading block, which is the EU?

·        We can trade under WTO rules.

WTO rules state - in the absence of a trade deal - you must treat everyone equally, to the least favourable deal. WTO rules allow no favouritism.

So, neither the EU nor anyone else can give us special treatment and just let in our good or services or waive their regulations. Neither can we. WTO would oblige giving the world the same.

·        Why do I need a Trade deal anyway?

Trade is not just about tariffs – Trade is mainly about product specifications.

·        What if a No Deal Brexit?

No deal, No agreed specifications or standards = No trade. > No jobs!

45% of all our trade is with Europe, our Rest of World trade is based on our EU membership. So, until replaced <70% of our trade cannot happen.

·        Farmers can escape the EU bureaucracy, rules and form filling.

45% of British sheep and agricultural exports go to Europe.

No agreements = no mutually agreed standards or testing = no trade.

And, No forms = No farm support = No cash.  

·        Why should we keep to Foreign Regulations (Specifications)?

Most EU regulations were agreed, often written by us, to protect us. Most are very good – the safety of our goods, drugs, food, employment rules - all better than we had before.

Every part or component in everything we buy or sell must meet a standard, to trade it has to meet “agreed” standards. No agreements/no trade.

·        Not honour our EU commitments? Gratuitously Default?

No top world country has ever done this – the UK would be reduced to barter trade.

·        We will take back control!  Sovereignty.

Every trade deal, everywhere, requires giving up something/sovereignty for some mutual benefit, sharing control – just as with the EU already.

·        The EU will fall apart without us

The EU is now more popular, not less, because of the mess we are making of Brexit and Do we really want the EU to fall apart anyway? The greatest prolonged period of European peace and prosperity since the Romans.

·        The elephant in the room, foreigners abusing our welfare, jobs, housing.

Yes actually, but the fault lies not in the EU but hopeless UK rules, administration and political correctness. Largely blame ourselves here.

·        But it won’t happen (leave). There will be a deal. Perhaps.

Unfortunately, companies cannot wait any longer, new arrangements take too long. So, they are leaving now, jobs by the 1000 – silently.

·        Does it matter, Hard or soft Brexit?

Soft will be very damaging, Hard a disaster. Now we are beginning to know the facts – Better neither. Stay and make the EU Better

·        Are you saying – The people voted wrong? – blame them, it’s their fault.

The public were treated to soundbites by politicians on all sides who either did not know or chose not to communicate the truth.

·        It was the Voice of the people. You cannot change the Vote.

We are a democracy, so we the people can vote to change everything we want– we can change governments – elect a new one – parliament can change laws - we can vote again, we can vote differently. Isn’t that taking control? Actually, yes, we can.


What now?

Let’s give simple answers to simple questions and put the record straight.

Let’s have the courage of our convictions

Let’s not be silent while there is still time

Let’s tell everyone we know, what we know and correct the story and even perhaps change the outcome. Why not?

And don’t let anyone say that “no one told me!”

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