Brexitometer in Tonbridge

Thank you to all those who helped us yesterday, in particular our friends from SSTIE who made it all happen. 

On Saturday morning 19 January 2019 T&M4EU asked shoppers in Tonbridge whether they wanted a Final Say on Brexit.

  • 70% of those we asked want a Final Say, 

  • 435 people put a sticker on the board.

  • 23 people said that they did not know

  • 291 said that they wanted a Vote, over 70% 

  • 121 said that they didn't wanted a vote, not quite 30% 

  • At least three former local councillors had their say – one Tory, one Labour and one LibDem – and they all wanted a Final Say. 

Tom Tugendhat, the Tonbridge and Malling MP was out with a photographer and told one of our group that he would return and have his photo taken with us, sadly he had not done so when we packed up at one o’clock.

Many said they were fed up by the whole rigmarole, but also a number who wanted a proper vote, feeling that the first was based entirely on lies.

The main argument that we heard against a Final Say was that we have already voted and it would be undemocratic to have another vote.

There is a very negative view, by both those saying Yes and those saying NO, of the Government, the Labour leadership, and of politicians generally for the way in which this is all being dealt with.

Thanks to Patrick who put all the info together.

Ruth St John