My reason to march!

By Ben Chapelard

Unfortunately my French Mamie passed away last August. She wanted to be a centenarian but didn’t quite complete her 100th year.

My grandmother’s life is a history of France and Europe. As a young girl she saw the devastation around Verdun, later she fled the Nazis in May 1940, she survived 4 years of Occupation, she lived through the post-war peace, the reconstruction and newly found European prosperity.

Mamie was witness to some of the darkest times in our history. More recently, she had to live through the rise of the Front National or the nationalism behind Brexit or the revival of the politics of division. Her warning “J'ai vu ce que les extrêmes ont fait” (I have seen what extremism can do) is a salutary reminder to all of us that our values are once again under threat.

People, like you and I, need to stand up and challenge these populist waves.

That's why on Saturday 23rd March I will be marching again for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal. For me it's more than just fighting Brexit, it's about in which Britain and Europe my Mamie’s great-grandchildren will live in. I'm marching to get the best of my country back.

Repose en paix Mamie Yvonne Chapelard née Lavaux, 23.2.1919 - 28.8.2018

Will you join hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday March 23rd?


Seb St John