No to death by Brexit

By Magdalena Williams @csibike1

On Friday, 15th February several of us mostly 50+ women and a couple of men, donning white sheets or large black bags lay down on the cold and dirty London pavement outside the Department of Health. We chanted #NotoDeathbyBrexit. Our message might sound dramatic to people who are lucky enough not to live with a serious often life threatening condition. Their or their loved ones’ life does not depend on regular vital medicine. A mother of a nine year old with malignant cancer, however, finds little sleep at night knowing that EURATOM moved from the UK to Amsterdam and the isotopes for the cancer treatment keeping her child alive cannot be stockpiled. Nor can insulin for treatment of diabetes, liquid needed in dialysis and medicines for transplant patients. The European Medicine Agency has also left the UK. It is the agency for research into new medicines, supervises it’s quality and trade within Europe. By leaving it, we not only lost 900 jobs, but people who need life saving medicines live in fear. Our ‘die-in’ was the symbol of how desperate vulnerable people with real every day struggles feel as their plight is ignored by the two major political parties. Is the catchy slogan ‘take back control’ and ‘sovereignty’ worth people’s lives? Is this what people have voted for? I am sure the mother of the nine year old cancer patient feels differently. And many of us will hold more ‘die-ins’ until we are heard! #BrexitKills  #RevokeA50 #ThinkAnewActAnew

Ruth St John