Colin Bullen & the Courier

I’m sure that there are a number of our followers who have repeatedly laughed out loud at the ridiculous letters sent by Colin Bullen to the Courier. What is more frustrating, has been the editorial decisions that have allowed Mr Bullen such a frequent platform, to often write such rubbish unchallenged. Please do not think that replies have not been written and sent to the Courier, however these are frequently unpublished, with no explanation.

Mr Bullen pushes a particularly unbalanced view of British history, which frequently causes great amusement in the history department of the local school I work in. One such letter prattled on about Britain’s role, alone in Europe, after the fall of France. (Why are these angry men, not old enough to have actually fought in the war, so obsessed by it? Interestingly polling shows that over 90 year olds overwhelmingly voted to remain and are the generation who actually fought in the war Colin is so keen to misrepresent)

Anyway - unsurprisingly the response was unpublished by the Courier the following week - so here it is:

Dear 'Your view',

Last weeks letter page brilliantly summed up the Brexit debate. On the one hand you had a letter from someone who will be affected by Brexit, using examples of how access to the Single Market, benefits an industry worth £92 billion to the British economy. And then on the other hand you have Colin, from Tonbridge, who prattles on about the Second World war and Britain standing alone. 

I'd like to thank Colin for highlighting the paucity of arguments for leaving the EU, summed up brilliantly in one letter. I'm also amused, but understand Colin's frustration of spending decades campaigning to leave the EU. Perhaps I might suggest that a fraction of his time may have been better spent having some sort of plan to do this, rather than slinging mud at those left behind to sort out the mess. 

Lastly on to Colin's rather distasteful, or at the least, poor use of history. 

Britain never stood alone after the fall of France. During the Battle of Britain the largest non-British participants as Pilots were our European cousins from Poland, something conveniently forgotten by Colin's 'careful' selection of fact. (There were also Czech, Belgian, French and Irish pilots) 

For those concerned about the education system in West Kent, please don't fret. As a history teacher in West Kent, I can assure readers that the younger generation have a far firmer understanding of the Second world War and the continent wide participation in the defeat of Nazism, than the 'Colin of Tonbridge' brigade will ever care to develop, in part due to their lack of rhetoric and flawed ideology.

Yours sincerely,

Sebastian St John

Tunbridge Wells

Seb St John